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Collection of papers on Co-creating and Orchestrating Multistakeholder Innovation published

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Cover page of CCO publication Co-creating and Orchestrating Multistakeholder Innovation

Co-creation Orchestration publication 'Co-creating and Orchestrating Multistakeholder Innovation' is now available. The papers in the publication introduce how Laurea University of Applied Sciences and its partners have engaged in multistakeholder collaboration allowing for and benefiting from opening of research, innovation and educational processes.

The aim of the collection is to make apparent the benefits and challenges of co-creation, relevant skills and know-how, and best practices.

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See here for the themes, topics and authors of the publication:

I Theoretical and Methodological Considerations (access this chapter as .pdf)

1. Co-creation in urban Living Labs: A multi-level network perspective on labour market innovation.

Julie Ferguson, Elke van der Heijden, Anna de Zeeuw

2. Systemic design addressing complexity in service ecosystems: Integrating empathic and systemic perspectives

Anna Salmi & Päivi Pöyry-Lassila

3. Living Labs in an evolutionary context of human orchestration

Gareth Priday & Sonja Pedell

4. The promotion of assets in the community

Ossi Salin & Timo Kopomaa

5. Building teams and identifying co-design stakeholders in healthcare projects: A social prescription case study

Alen Keirnan & Sonja Pedell

6. Orchestration practices in multi-stakeholder co-creation. Case Agile Piloting at Smart Kalasatama

Anne Äyväri & Kaisa Spilling

7. A blue biotechnologies Living Lab in the Mediterranean – Not the sum of its participant organisations but the sum of the people in those organisations Bythos Vincenzo Arizza, Alan Deidun & L. Branwen Hornsby

8. How can local authorities plan for urban resilience?

Maria Carla Lostrangio

9. Through collaboration, conflict and compromise towards an open-source book on security management

Kaci Bourdache

10. Co-creation in the public sector: The CoHeWe Case

Sami Kauppinen & Elina Kesäniemi

11. Co-creation of knowledge for innovation in multi-stakeholder projects

Harri Ruoslahti

12. Collaboration and co-creation in an international multi-actor network

Virpi Kaartti

13. “The more you are willing to give, the more you also get“ - How multifaceted, multi-stakeholder innovation ecosystems are governed and orchestrated, and how to research them?

Tuija Hirvikoski & Kaisla Saastamoinen

II Value Co-creation with Different Types of Individuals (access this chapter as .pdf)

14. Citizen involvement in the participatory budgeting process in community development

Virpi Lund

15. Encouraging an active lifestyle among young people with special needs

Jukka Laitinen & Tarja Meristö

16. Public health nursing students as co-creators in the promotion of health and well-being

Mikko Häkkinen & Irene Latva-Korpela

17. Digitaalisten oppimisympäristöjen kehittäminen hyvinvointiteknologian avulla

Anna-Kaisa Hankaniemi, Pirjo Huikko, Pia Kiviharju, Pia Lahtinen,

Pauliina Louhiala-Hänninen, Minna Nikula & Anna Ojala

18. The co-development process of work practices promoting the professional agency of primary nurses

Piia Silvennoinen

19. Mielenterveyspalvelujen yhteiskehittäminen SOLA-osaamiskeskuksessa

Carita Saarikivi & Anne Eskelinen

20. Co-creation in the development of an internationally recognised digital service platform for seniors

Pia Kiviharju

III Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable Data in the Context of Co-Creation (access this chapter as .pdf)

21. Co-creation at the heart of human-centric data economy – Experiences and visions from Kuopio Living Lab

Tiina Arpola, Arto Holopainen & Marko Jäntti

22. How should we co-create? Solutions for data protection, data security and data management

Marjo Valjakka, Tino Graubner & Minna Marjamaa

IV Co-Creation and Learning (access this chapter as .pdf)

23. Opettaja monialaisen tiedonrakentelun fasilitaattorina

Sanna Juvonen & Päivi Pöyry-Lassila

24. Co-creating value: Multi-stakeholder co-creation of lifelong education

Laura Erkkilä & Marilla Kortesalmi

25. IADT – Design thinking with a twist

Kristina Henriksson, Päivi Mantere, Irma Mänty & Marco Hardiman

26. Portfoliotyöskentelystä työtapa avoimeen TKI-työhön

Saara Gröhn & Anna Nykänen

27. Osallistavasta yhteiskehittämisestä lisäarvoa Sometaduuniin-hankkeen virtuaalisiin kohtaamisiin

Saara Gröhn & Anna Nykänen

28. Innostavaa yhteiskehittämistä elämysalan restonomien ja elinkeinoelämän kesken Pia Kiviharju, Anikó Lehtinen, Henry Lybäck & Petri Miinalainen

29. Yhteistyöllä Espoo turvallisemmaksi – Turvallisuuden tunteen kehittäminen espoolaisissa lähiöissä

Minna Fred, Seija Tiainen & Satu Laukkanen

V Universities Taking a Role of an Orchestrator of Local and Regional Innovation Ecosystems (access this chapter as .pdf)

30. The view from the region: Opportunities and challenges for innovation and co-orchestration

Johanna Juselius

31. Links between community engagement, research and curricula in Finland and South Africa

Nickey Janse van Rensburg & Julia Nevmerzhitskaya

32. Experiences with implementing the Living Lab concept in rural Tanzania

Evariste Habiyakare, Sakariina Heikkanen & Kalle Räihä

Access the full publication here

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