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Ilpo Vuorivirta

Call for project partners

Co-creation is seen as a strategic approach for societies. Big, wicked problems such as the aging population or climate change require cross-sector, cross-border and cross-disciplinary collaboration, and active citizen engagement is increasingly emphasized.

Recent public RDI funding decisions are stressing the role of active engagement and co-creation. The funding is calling for a Mission Oriented approach. Alone, Horizon Europe, the European Commission's new research and innovation framework, has 100 billion euros to give to promising RDI projects. We are calling for companies, cities, research institutions, and NGOs to form a consortium with us in order to apply for RDI funding in Finland and globally.

Laurea has over 500 members of staff with wide expertise on various professional and academic topics. We have expertise in health and wellbeing, security, business management, service design, etc. Laurea's external RDI funding in 2017 was 3.81 million euros, which is 13.6 % of Laurea's turnover. We are constantly looking for partners for RDI projects in Finland and globally.

If you, your company, research team, think tank, city, organization or NGO are seeking to apply for RDI funding, do not hesitate to contact us!

Join us: CCO mapping the way to improved mental health together with world’s oldest mental health NGO MIELI ry


In January 2020, Laurea CCO (Co-creation Orchestration) organised a co-creation workshop with the world’s oldest mental health non-profit organisation MIELI Mental Health Finland to start drafting a roadmap to improved mental wellbeing. The workshop was organised to explore the vision of achieving mental health “herd immunity” by 2030 and to open the discussion for planning collaboration in order to reach the vision.

In the workshop, professionals from MIELI Mental Health Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences gathered together to discuss and refine the vision, to start mapping the needed ecosystem, and to build a draft of a roadmap in order to reach the vision by 2030. Besides personnel of Laurea UAS and MIELI ry, also national and international stakeholders including students will have an active part in reaching the vision. In the spirit of cross-border, cross-sectoral, trans-disciplinary, and multi-stakeholder co-creation, both national and international actors are invited to join the process to build the ecosystem needed for reaching the situation of the vision.

The work continues now with further fine-tuning and refining the outcomes of the workshop as well as with a collaborative meeting between MIELI and Laurea.


If promoting mental health locally or globally is important for you and you want to join the process as a researcher or as a health and design professional, please contact us via email. You can also suggest a funding instrument to be used to fulfil

this mission.

Olli-Pekka Lehtinen
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