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Olli-Pekka Lehtinen

Learn to orchestrate co-creation and become a professional facilitator

Are you interested in learning co-creation and becoming a professional facilitator? Co-creation and service design are highly demanded and valued working skills nowadays. Job ads are often seeking full-stack professionals who can both master their own specialty as well as communicate and mediate between different stakeholders and facilitate innovation processes, change, and development. Let your specialty be health and wellbeing, business management, or security; all fields of employment require skillful developers that can take business to a new level. Studying co-creation ensures you get a job you won’t get bored with!

Changing work-life demands lifelong learning. Professionals need to keep on updating their skills and building competences. Technological change and globalisation are not the only drivers of transformation; business culture is changing, too. Top-down management is becoming an old and inefficient way of working. The new direction is bottom-up. This type of indirect management requires new kinds of skills, and co-creation is the method to mediate and facilitate multi-stakeholder developing and collaboration. At Laurea Open University of Applied Sciences, you can study while you work, improve and update your professional skills, and aim your studies at achieving specific qualifications.

Laurea offers a variety of possibilities for individuals, companies, and municipalities seeking to build their or their employees' professional competences. The courses vary from complete bachelor's and master's degrees to individual courses designed for professionals looking to update their skills. Our co-creation and service design courses focus on, for example, business management, health and wellbeing, security, law services, etc. There are courses in Finnish and English.

We offer:


Laurea is a higher education institution that operates on six campuses in the Uusimaa region. It is the most appealing university of applied sciences in Finland (Joint application process of spring 2018: 5.83 primary applicants per starting place). There are about 7,800 students, 500 staff members and more than 24,000 alumni in our community.

People and interactions are at the core of Laurea's operations. Our activities are based on a sense of community, social responsibility, and creativity. At Laurea, learning is based on real-life work projects, co-creation, and co-development assignments. We build learning around research and a development-oriented approach which we call Learning by Developing (LbD).

Read more about Laurea, its degrees and solutions for lifelong learning on Laurea's webpage.

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