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Co-creation Orchestration – Transforming the Way We Innovate

We are living in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. Globalization and technological development are bringing about many benefits. However, the challenges we meet are often more complex, inter-connected and systemic: so-called ‘wicked problems’. The challenges are no longer local or one-dimensional. Solving complex problems requires cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary, and cross-border collaboration.

For instance, many old diseases no longer exist because of sciences and sufficient nutrition. However, our modern living standards and diets are bringing about new conditions. These conditions, together with a rapidly aging population, are a ticking time bomb that needs to be unbuilt. Our main objective at Co-creation Orchestration is to build a model that can help in solving wicked problems and promoting health and wellbeing. These models require new rules and new thinking that are determined by collaboration and openness. The world´s leading consultancies and tech companies have been using co-innovation and co-creation as a method to involve customers in innovation processes for over two decades now. It is our mission to update those methods and use them to promote future cities and related topics such as health and wellbeing.

Co-creation does not happen without mediation. We call this mediation ‘orchestration’. It is our job to motivate businesses, researchers, public sector players and citizens to come together and innovate. Product development at the customer interface drastically reduces costs and time for launching. Collaboration with academia and businesses turns state-of-art research effectively into products and services. For citizens and public sector players, co-creation and innovation bring about better and more suitable services at reduced costs. Openness and free flow of information and ideas make processes more efficient and benefit all stakeholders. Adherence to open science and open innovation is CCO’s competitive advantage.

At Laurea University of Applied Sciences, we are professionals in orchestrating and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation with nearly 30 years of experience. Co-creation Orchestration helps businesses, researchers, public sector players and citizens to develop, commercialize, and benefit from health and wellbeing products and services through evidence-based advocacy, networks, agile pilots and experimentation, cross-border validation, and market development. Access to +8000 citizens' communities works as a user panel for piloting and experimenting new products and services.

Co-creation orchestration is a three-year project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Laurea University of Applied Sciences that aims at strengthening co-creation based innovation ecosystems regionally and internationally as well as strengthening Laurea’s RDI profile.

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