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Ilpo Vuorivirta

Co-creation orchestration services for cities and companies

Co-creation is a new way to create value. Co-creation is a bottom-up approach that includes a wide array of stakeholders to the value chain as active contributors. Big tech companies and consultancies have been using co-creation for a couple of decades now. It is an evidence-based method that adds value for customers and developers, shortens the time for product development, and lowers costs. End-users, firms, public sector players, and researchers can be engaged throughout the development process: from research and designing to piloting and implementing. It is our mission to transfer and promote co-creation in the health and wellbeing sector.


Laurea offers co-creation orchestration services and consultation for cities and companies. CCO helps you to find solutions, develop products and services, and build better business models with co-creation methods. We can help your organization by building co-creation ecosystems for doing research, co-designing, testing, assessing, modeling, and implementing, and, finally, distributing your service innovations. Building an ecosystem for co-creation requires people, physical spaces, and orchestration.

At CCO and Laurea University of Applied Sciences, we are professionals in orchestrating and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation with nearly 30 years of experience. Co-creation Orchestration helps businesses, researchers, public sector players and citizens to develop, commercialize, and benefit from health and wellbeing products and services through evidence-based advocacy, networks, agile pilots and experimentation, cross-border validation, and market development. Access to 8000 citizen communities works as a user panel for piloting and experimenting new products and services.

Our co-creation services are:

Open Innovation Camps

Open Innovation Camps bring together a variety of stakeholders to develop better services and business models.

Co-creation events and workshops

We organize events and workshops that will bring out the innovative force in your employees and stakeholders.

Co-creation research and manuals

CCO conducts state-of-art research on co-creation and open innovation and publishes open access articles and manuals.

Living Labs

We create real-life circumstances for developing, testing, and validating your product.

Co-creation spaces

Laurea offers a variety of co-creation spaces in 6 locations around Helsinki-Uusimaa region.

User panel

Our + 8000 people user panel is ideal for testing and validating products and services.

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