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CCO at Oulu Boost Event 2019: Upscaling Digital Solutions in Cities

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This week, Co-creation Orchestration has been active at Oulu Boost Event 2019 where Tuija Hirvikoski (Laurea UAS, European Network of Living Labs ENoLL) moderated a panel discussion on the Finnish way of upscaling digital solutions as well as represented ENoLL as panelist on the concluding discussion.

The event, focusing on digital transformation and best practices of digitalisation, was part of Finland's presidency of the Council of the EU. Attendees of the Oulu Boost Event 2019 were top-level decision makers and city officials in Europe.

In the panel discussion led by Tuija Hirvikoski, the panelists Seppo Haataja (Director, Smart City Development, Business Tampere and The Six City Strategy), Jaakko Sauvola (Executive Director, Allied ICT Finland) and Martin Gauk (Project Expert, ESPON) discussed the Finnish ecosystem perspective for upscaling of digital solutions as well as European development.

Also other sessions of the event focused on identifying and upscaling local solutions to benefit the European agenda of better public services, emerging innovations and economic growth.

As part of the event, a declaration on joining forces to boost sustainable digital transformation in cities and communities in the EU was published. As per the declaration, "At a time when our cities and communities are faced with a growing range of challenges, this declaration marks an important step in the launch of the ‘European way’ of digitally transforming cities and communities. This approach will ensure technological leadership in the EU while respecting European values and diversity, as well as individuals’ digital rights."

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