Collection of papers on Co-creating and Orchestrating Multistakeholder Innovation published

The papers introduce how Laurea University of Applied Sciences and its partners have engaged in multi-stakeholder collaboration allowing for and benefiting from opening of research, innovation and educational processes.

Co-creation Orchestration – Transforming the Way We Innovate!

At Co-creation Orchestration, we are building a model that is helping companies, public sector, academia, and citizens to co-create better health and wellbeing services in the most innovative region in Europe, Helsinki-Uusimaa region. Our aim is to make innovation more open, inclusive, and collaborative.

CCO is a project funded by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Finland's Ministry of Education and Culture and part of Laurea's RDI-profile. We are committed to following and promoting the responsible research and innovation principles (RRI).


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Laurea University of Applied Sciences Master's Theses

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Our objective is to contribute to…

Sustainable Growth. Co-create better, more customer-oriented health and wellbeing products and services faster and with reduced costs.

Inclusive Growth. Promote an inclusive and equal future through open science and open innovation and enhance peoples’ trust to research and science.

Growth through Collaboration. Increase cross-border and inter-stakeholder collaboration, innovation, and research.

Become a Pioneer. CCO and Laurea are aiming to become a leading developer of co-creation orchestration services globally and to produce benchmark scientific research papers and manuals on co-creation.


Our mission is to help people, public sector, researchers, and companies solve systemic and shared problems together by enhancing collaboration, openness and inclusivity.


Collaboration, inclusivity, trust, and openness.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in co-creation orchestration and to raise general awareness about co-creation, open innovation, and open science.