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Protection Features in Preparation to Academic Writing

Writing a dissertation on history is, of course, an important step in the overall preparation, but you should also not forget about the very defense of this scientific work. Therefore, in this part of paytowritepaper article, we will talk about exactly how to prepare for such an important and serious event.

To successfully prepare for the defense, you need to choose the most significant parts of your research. A separate plus will be the fact if you do not read about your research from paper, but talk about them without supporting material. In general, you should not tire the dissertation council with a long, tedious reading of your work, since nothing good will come of it anyway.

In addition, it is desirable to learn the formulation of the scientific novelty of the study, and at the same time, the goals and objectives, so as not to look for them later, while arriving in a completely unnecessary haste. Also, during the defense, the conclusions obtained from this study should be announced. In preparation for the defense, do not be too lazy to make handouts. Perhaps it will help someone from the dissertation council to better understand your dissertation, as well as draw some important conclusions for themselves.

Literary sources

This section is traditionally at the end. As a rule, it reflects as a list all the material with which the researcher worked in the course of this scientific work. Usually, it is written by but if among the bibliographic objects there are foreign ones, then they should be written in the original language.

It is also worth noting that the bibliographic list can be formatted in different ways. As the first way, we will mark alphabetical. Its name speaks for itself: the sources are placed in the list according to the letters they begin with, and these letters must correspond to the alphabetical order.

The chronological method is justified in the case when the dissertation work belongs to certain historical facts. According to the types of sources, a bibliography is compiled when it is necessary to group certain types of literature used in the work. As a rule, this method is the most difficult and not as often practiced as the others.

In conclusion of this article, I would like to note that writing a dissertation on historical topics requires the researcher to be completely immersed in the essence of the issue under study. Here it is necessary not only to state any historical events, but also to analyze them.

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