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Expert comments by Bror Salmelin at CCO workshop 29 Sept 2020

On 29 September, Laurea CCO held a rerun of 'Key success factors in orchestration' workshop by the request of European Network of Living Labs ENoLL. The first workshop on the topic was held at the Digital Living Lab Days (DLLD) on 2 September 2020.

The workshop rerun was building on the results of the earlier DLLD workshop. The summary of the results will be updated later on the CCO website.

At the end of the workshop, Bror Salmelin, "father of the Living Lab movement" and high-level expert of Open Innovation, shared his expert comments on orchestration and purpose-oriented activities. See below for the video where Bror discusses e.g. overcoming hidden agendas, serendipity, “organicsations”, stakeholder engagement and motivation, empowerment, hierarchies, and punctuality of co-creation actions:

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