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CCO organises Health and Wellbeing ecosystem workshops and excursions for partner visit in Feb 2020

Solving complex problems of today and the future requires cross-border, cross-sectoral, trans-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder co-creation. However, co-creation does not happen without orchestration. Laurea University of Applied Sciences Co-creation Orchestration (CCO) project explores orchestration of ecosystem-based multi-stakeholder and trans-disciplinary research and innovation activities.

3rd to 5th February 2020 Laurea CCO will have partners visiting from HES-SO, the largest university of applied sciences in Switzerland, and from Aristotle University in Greece. The purpose of the visit is to explore the wellbeing and health ecosystems in Finland as well as to create further basis for international cooperation in education and RDI. Laurea has also ongoing collaborative projects and new project openings with both HES-SO and Aristotle University.

The strong regional development role of Laurea includes promoting goal-oriented networking and orchestrating regional and international cooperation. Therefore, the visiting program organised by Laurea CCO includes presentations, panel discussions, a workshop, as well as visits to Laurea campuses, co-creation spaces such as Oodi and Espoo Service Centre at Iso Omena, and the leading health innovation ecosystems e.g. Health Capital Helsinki, CleverHealth Network and HUS Testbed. Together with the local and international partners, Laurea CCO will explore how innovative action models and future facilities contribute to and benefit from joint learning and RDI in Health and Wellbeing ecosystems.

For further information, please contact us via email

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