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CCO in 'IoT for Smart Cities School' open session on Sustainable cities 21 Oct with Pioneer Alliance

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

On 21st October, CCO Laurea will take part in the open session 'Sustainable Cities: Viewpoints of the Pioneer Alliance' where Tuija Hirvikoski will discuss Higher Education and Participatory Research and Innovation Co-creating Future cities”. The session will take place online and at the University Institute of Lisbon ISCTE-IUL Silva Leal Auditorium 21 Oct at 3-5pm CET.

The session is part of the multidisciplinary Summer School 2020 IoT for Smart Cities, organised by ISTAR Center for Research in Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture (IUL).

Register here for the session

Programme of the open session:

21 October 2020, 2-4 pm CET

Portugal: Institutional welcome

– Maria das Dores Guerreiro, Vice-Rector for Internationalization of Iscte-IUL and Carlos Sá da Costa, Dean of the ISTA school of Iscte-IUL


– Sylvie Chevrier, Deputy Vice-President International, Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris and Jean-Bernard Kovarik, Vice-president Public Policy Support, Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris: “The building of a district based upon sustainable urban planning that meets the requirements of the circular economy and a low carbon strategy”


– Tuija Hirvikoski, Director at Laurea University of Applied Sciences: “Higher Education and Participatory Research and Innovation Co-creating Future cities”


– George Yannis, Professor, Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering (DTPE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA): “New Data for Urban Road Safety” and Stergios Mavromatis, Assistant Professor, Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering (DTPE) of the NTUA: “Automation and Public Transport”


– Jozef Ristvej, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Marketing, University of Zilina: “On Smart City and Safe City Concepts”


– Christina Brey, Director of the Department of International Affairs, Technische Hochschule Köln University and Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe, Dean, Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems, TH Köln University: “Blue-Green Infrastructure in cities”


– João Carlos Ferreira, Assistant Professor at Iscte-IUL and Researcher at ISTAR-IUL: “Things2People and People2People interactions in the context of a Smart City – Can Sensors change Human Behaviour?”


– Catarina Ferreira da Silva and João Carlos Ferreira, Assistant Professors at Iscte-IUL and Researchers at ISTAR-IUL

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