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CCO participating in #eHealth2020 International Conference on Telemedicine and Health 1 Oct 2020

CCO Laurea participated in the eHealth2020 International Conference & The 25th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and Health, "From Dream to Reality", 1st October 2020. In one of the sessions, Dr Tuija Hirvikoski from CCO Laurea was discussing motivating multi-sectoral experts to participate in co-creation. The presentation was based on some preliminary CCO results and related professional comments. See her presentation here (.pdf).

The 2020 conference covers themes on updating the knowledge about International and Nordic eHealth trends and solutions. The program is aimed at healthcare and other professionals and service providers. The conference offers a unique meeting place and new information to physicians, nursing staff as well as to responsible persons for management, planning and education.

Conference topics:

  • Nordic digital experience

  • Data lakes or leaks

  • Personalized care - thank you!

  • Digital competence in health

  • Test beds and medical devices - pros and cons

  • Citizens as user of digital health

  • eHealth and eWelfare in practice

  • Co-creation orchestration

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